Imagine starting your presentation with a funny story and immediately hearing laughter.  You suddenly feel confident and relaxed – and you know you have immediately connected with your audience.

Making your audience smile means they will remember you and your message.  It also means they can easily envisage enjoying working with you.  

”     Jan, the work you did for me on my sales letter has resulted in 1 out of every 5 customers inviting us for a meeting.  Thank you so much.”         LA, Minerva Procurement

If you’d love to lighten up and still be professional then I can help you through my workshops – ‘Unleash your Inner Comedian’

As a comedian & speaker I teach you how to present in a confident relaxed manner, using appropriate humour, drawing on stand up comedy techniques widely used by successful comedians.

How does humour benefit you?

  1. It quickly helps you build a rapport with your audience
  2. It builds the know-like-trust factor making them more willing to buy
  3. It helps your audience engage with you more easily – no more whispering, checking phones or nodding off

 On my workshop you will learn how to

  1. Use comedy formulas to ensure you and your business will stand out
  2. Lighten up and still be professional
  3. Bring ‘dull’ topics to life – ensuring every presentation is enjoyable for you AND your audience.

But don’t just take my word for it – why not hear what previous delegates have had to say

People who have said Nice Things (for very little cash)

What will you take away?

  1. A presentation template with a built in Humour Map so you don’t have to worry about getting it right – its all there ready for you just to fill in with your content
  2. Simple and re-usable comedy formulas  – used by some of the top comedians
  3. The confidence to know you CAN be funny and engaging, while still conveying even the strongest (or driest) of messages.

I’ve learned the structure of humour, why it works, and how it works – and I can get the key points across in a much more memorable way. Jan’s workshop is ideal for speakers, trainers and leaders who need to gain attention, build rapport and communicate in effective and memorable ways.  CG, Women on the Business Stage

I’ve recently won a large contract where I was able to relax and use humour in initial negotiations; something I would never have done before.  Jan’s workshop is enlightening, entertaining and completely different. Whether you’re a presenter, blogger or someone who just wants to write a Christmas card you’ll learn loads. MB Visual Impact

These sessions are lively and interactive and also great for company team building. 

If you would like more information give me a ring and we’ll have chat.

Jan’s workshop enables you to take what you do, and how you do it, and make it funny.  It’s amazing.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.”   Steve Bolton, Founder, Platinum Property Partners.

I learnt so much about the nuts and bolts of comedy and how it can be used in the business world – a must for any directors or senior managers who wish to build rapport, gain respect and become memorable amongst their work colleague.       Andrea Bremner, Weight Management Consultant.

Educational, entertaining, embracing – a great day’s training!   N Nutburn, Coaching to Success

Email  Jan to book your workshop or give her a call on 07917 127381

And if you have a spare moment see what people are saying on Linked In

What Jan teaches are formulas that anyone can use. She’s a genius!”

Steve Trister, Trister Media International

If you have to make a presentation or speech and want to be able to add appropriate humour for your audience then Jan’s workshop is a must. Learn some simple formulas which will transform your presentation. Learning as never been so much fun.”

M Peates, MJP Coaching

I found it fascinating. I can’t wait to do another one. Even the next day I was applying the methods you showed us!”

MB, Basingstoke